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Quickbooks Classes

Quickbooks classes are offered either on consecutive days or the same day of the week, one week apart.

Beginners & Intermediate users:

This Quickbooks class is excellent for the user new to Quickbooks as well as those who would like to become more proficient at QuickBooks. Presentations include personal demonstrations and the following Topics:

  • Overview and basic navigation of Quickbooks
  • Define and explain the three Quickbooks tools - Lists, Journals/Registers, Forms
  • Chart of accounts, learn how to set up Accounts, customers, vendors and items  in Quickbooks.
  • Setting up a in Quickbooks company file and the many options in the Easy Step Interview
  • Changing preferences and modifying the user’s Icon Bar (improves efficiency)
  • Customizing invoices and other forms used by Quickbooks
  • Create invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, receive payments and make deposits
  • Enter checks, credit card transactions, bills (A/P), pay bills and print checks
  • Reconcile bank accounts and credit card statements in Quickbooks
  • Taught in a very practical “hands on” manner, how to use Quickbooks which simplifies and speeds up input. Many shortcuts and navigational tools saving time.
  • Time for Questions on bookkeeping, accounting and QuickBooks

Advanced users:

This QuickBooks class is a necessity for wanting to use many of the advanced features of Quickbooks or those in industries which use purchase orders, estimates, and could benefit from job costing. This Quickbooks class includes the following:

  • Overall review of shortcut, tools and navigation of Quickbooks
  • What is new in Quickbooks 2008
  • The 10 most common mistakes made by Quickbooks users
  • Create estimates (bid, proposals)
  • From Quickbooks estimates (without have to reenter information in Quickbooks) create purchase orders, invoices in whole or on a progressive basis, receive customer deposits or down payments, receive inventory with or without the bill
  • Advance use of Quickbooks items and units of measure
  • Payroll options, set up and processing in Quickbooks.
  • Budgets, forecasting, projections and the business plan tool
  • Quickbooks Fix assets manager and Quickbooks loan manager.
  • Taught in a very practical “hands on” way, how to use Quickbooks which simplifies and speeds up input. Many shortcuts and navigational tools saving your clients time.
  • Time for Questions on bookkeeping, accounting and QuickBooks.

Customized Classes:

We can customize a class, or series of classes, specifically for you and/or your company. Customized classes can be for two or more staff members.

Specialized Classes

There are several additional classes or personalized training for some of the most advanced features of Quickbooks.

  • Tools for doing budgets, projections, forecasts, cash flow and even writing a complete business plan.
  • Managing Fixed Assets - both book and tax depreciation with most of the commonly used methods, calculating expense, book value and even the gain or loss on disposal of fixed assets.
  • Loan Manager Tool - a tool that can perform multiple amortization analysis, interest calculations, record escrow payments and payoff information.